Front Cover: Real Norwegians Eat Lutefisk Back Cover
Real Norwegians Eat Lutefisk
Written by Rose Marie Meuwissen and illustrated by Kelly Frankenberg & Shirley Evanstad

Ancestry and heritage are important for our children and the purpose of this children's book is to provide both in an inviting and mind provoking way. Lutefisk is known throughout the United States and Scandinavia as an old traditional food of our Scandinavian forefathers. The book provided a Lutefisk recipe with an enticing and humorous story about a young boy's first acquantance with this strange type of Cod fish. Follow his path to becoming a "Real Norwegian". The story is presented in both English and Norwegian, allowing both children and adults the opportunity to learn the Norwegian language.

Enjoy the story, learn Norwegian and try a totally different kind of fish - Lutefisk! And always remember - Real Norwegian Eat Lutefisk!

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